About Us

Makar Navis is a young shipping company that provides all key shipping services for our clients from commercial activities through technical and safety management and administration.

We are strongly involved in various commodity trading while also providing special financing services or investing directly in different opportunities in dry cargo segment.

Some of our special projects include vessels conversions and purchasing and selling scrap vessels.

Our team has a long-term experience in various segments of shipping from a commercial aspect, technical management to structured finances.

  • Technical management

    Safe and efficient operating of the vessels in line with all maritime standards.

  • Shipping services

    Commercial operations, technical and safety management, crewing, financials and general administration.


    Vessel’s conversions, technical supervisory, scrap vessels, debt/equity partnership.

  • Commodity trading

    Sourcing, financing, shipment and physical delivery of the goods.

  • Structured finance

    Acting as a partner when modeling financials for various projects’ types and objectives.