Our Services


Technical Management services include every aspect of safe and efficient operating of the vessel in line with ISM Code, requirements from Class society, Flag state and Underwriters, maritime standards while also taking into consideration owner’s demands.

We monitor the vessel’s condition, performance and operations with regards to safe and efficient cargo handling, regular deck and engine maintenance, drydocking requirements and overall supervision while respecting owners budget.


Makar Navis is a shipping company that provides all key shipping services while serving our clients including commercial operations, technical and safety management, crewing and financial administration.

We are strongly linked to cement industry serving our reputable clients when carrying various types of dry cargo such as cement, clinker, coal, pet coke and other. With our dry cargo vessels, we carry all types of dry and general cargo with vessels up to 7.000 DWT.

Just recently we started to expand our fleet with newly converted cement carriers varying in sizes between 3.000 DWT and 8.000 DWT with further aim to build a cement carrier fleet of 10 vessels of this size in the next 2 years.


Over the years our team gained unique knowledge and experience in a different project that was involved in. We participate and can provide assistance for various special shipping projects that may include:

  • Vessels conversions
  • Drydocking specifications and technical supervisory
  • Purchasing and selling scrap vessels
  • Debt/Equity partnership against CoA

Our expertise is commodity trading where we structure finance for different trading platforms for traders, producers, and receivers in the Mediterranean area. Commodity trading with physical delivery of the goods requires special knowledge and techniques. Global and local markets offer various opportunities but also include specific risks, which require an individual approach to every transaction.

We have access to various market participants and producers of various commodities and can advise or provide finance for:·

  • Inventory production
  • Financing trading and export
  • Shipment of the goods (transit)
  • Physical delivery of the goods

Vessels acquisition or conversions typically require large capital expenditures, which can affect the financial stability of a company. Owners often fail to comprehensively analyze such investments and underestimate risks and costs associated with it while questioning project’s profitability.

Different types of projects require different sources of financing while adequate capital structure improves usage and effectuation of revenues from a particular type of assets. The decision to undertake financially large investments requires expertise and specific knowledge.

Trading with different commodities is easier with the appropriate trading platform which takes into consideration sizes and capital structure, accompanying costs, purchases and goods delivery risks as well as logistic demands.

In process of finding comprehensive solutions for financing asset purchase, Makar Navis advises and/or directly participates when selecting a financing model (debt/equity structure) that is consistent with the projects’ objectives, while justifying its profitability.